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Truck Accident Advocates and Help Center

Working Towards a Safer-Highway Experience

For anyone who has been involved in an accident involving a commercial truck, large or small, the outcome can be devastating. In many instances, the injuries sustained from a truck accident can be far more devastating than accidents involved with other types of vehicles. This type of accident involving a large truck may require the injured party to pursue very costly medical treatments and could leave them unable to return to work or school for months or even years. This type of accident can have far reaching consequences emotionally and financially; leaving the injured person(s) without the means of making medical payments, mortgage or even obtaining everyday household necessities.

If you need help in recovering from injuries and property loss or are financially burdened following a truck accident, it can be hard to know where to look or ask for information regarding your rights and options. T.A.H.C. and its Advocates have created this resource (website) to help truck accident victims find all the information they may need in one convenient place.

The Resource Guide for Truck Accident Victims


People who have been involved in a truck accident are often left with questions and concerns regarding a variety of different possibilities regarding their situation. Here, we have compiled the following pages that contain important information for truck accident victims and their families:

We hope the information on our website will provide you with answers you need. If you have additional questions or concerns regarding your accident or someone you know who was involved in a trucking accident, which may include; who is responsible for my medical payments, who is going to help pay for my financial responsibilities since I cannot work and many other questions. Contact us directly here by filling out our Contact Form or by calling our toll free number 1.888.898.0639. Someone who cares will be in touch with you shortly and will work towards helping you in answering your questions and concerns.